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You may have problems when you want to install apps or games on your phone while you were using Windows Phone 8 and 8.1. You couldn’t install any apps or games via your phone or computer without downloading from Store.

  1. Xap File Download For Windows Phone 8.1
  2. Xap Download Site
  3. Xap File Download For Windows Phone Call
  4. Xap File Download For Windows Phone Book

Windows 10 Mobile upgrade has a lot of improvements. It included two new features called “Sideload App” and Developer Mode” which are the options that allow you to install apps or games from any sources without verification with Store.

Based on those those two features, here I will describe how to install apps and games with app files with extension .xap or .appx or .appxbundle on your phone without using any softwares on your computer or internet access needed.

How to Install .XAP or .APPXBUNDLE on Your Phone

(View thread to see example programs) – Download – View Thread Homebrew Windows Phone 7 Market V0.9: Installs XAP files or URL’s from your computer, while updating your apps if a previous version is already installed. – Download – View Thread.UPDATED (6-APR-11) Windows Phone Marketplace with XAP installer V1.6.3 – Download – View. Download WhatsApp XAP For Windows Phone Free For Windows Phone Mobiles With A Direct Link. Download Best Free Windows Phone Apps and Games in (.xap) and (.appx) Format For Windows Phone Mobiles. File Size: 30.4 MB Current Version: 2.18.368.0 Compatibility: Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1 Developer: WhatsApp Inc.

File documents with extension of .xap, .appx or .appxbundle is the type of app file that you can used to install on your phone.


You may need a PC in the case that you need to copy your downloaded app files to your phone. You can also download those app files directly on your phone without help from your PC.

GTA 5 windows phone Download link:- description as the website.Download GTA 5. Here is the tutorial how to install without PC??Watch- to install ProShot xap or other xap files.

Note: Soon, Windows Khmer will allow you to download app files from our download site http://download.windowskhmer.com

For now you can download a game named “Bloon TD 5” from direct url from Microsoft here:

  1. After download the game, please keep it on wherever you want
  2. Connect your phone to your PC and copy the game file to your phone.

On Phone

  1. Enable option “Sideload apps” or “Developer mode” by go to Setting > Update & security > For developers
  2. Open “File Explorer” app
  3. Go to directory that you place your game file
  4. Click on game file with extension of .xap, .appx or .appxbundle
  5. Next, please click on “Install” button and wait until game install successfully (No progress indication appear, you need to wait until it return to File Explorer app).

Note: However, the installation process is not work well yet as Microsoft still working to improve this feature. Please follow these steps, if you encounter the problems:

  • Try to install with internet connection or offline mode.
  • Restart your phone, if you can’t find your installed app.

Tutorial Video

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Xap File Download For Windows Phone 8.1

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Xap File Download For Windows Phone Call

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Xap File Download For Windows Phone Book

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