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Boise, Idaho

WWE Raw 2: Ruthless Aggression, known as simply WWE Raw 2, is a professional wrestling video game released for the Xbox console by THQ in 2003, and developed by Tokyo-based company Anchor Inc. It is the sequel to the WWF/E Raw game that was released in 2002.

Career Highlights

2019 WWE Hall of Fame Inductee

Amidst the potatoes, corn and wheat typically grown on the sprawling and spacious farms of Boise, Idaho, Torrie Wilson, one of wrestling's most athletic competitors emerged.

A budding fitness model in the late 1990s, Wilson’s entrance into sports-entertainment came out of a backstage visit to WCW with her then-boyfriend. She ended up accompanying Scott Steiner to the ring, and stayed in the industry for close to a decade after that. While competing occasionally in WCW, Wilson was also the manager for competitors like David Flair, Billy Kidman, The Filthy Animals and Shane Douglas.

Wilson joined WWE when the company purchased WCW in spring 2001. Her athleticism and penchant for entertainment made her a great fit for WWE during one of the sports-entertainment industry’s biggest eras. Wilson’s partnership with her friend (and sometimes rival) Stacy Keibler made her a key figure in WCW’s invasion of WWE. Once that invasion was fought off, Wilson became a key member of WWE’s women’s division, engaging in memorable rivalries with the likes of Keibler, Sable and Melina. She even fought for her family’s honor against the nefarious Dawn Marie.

Wilson later joined forces with Candice Michelle and Victoria to sow chaos on Monday Night Raw, even bringing her pet dog Chloe into the fray while battling Superstars such as Trish Stratus and Mickie James. Injuries forced Wilson out of the ring in 2008, but she soon found a new passion: helping others get in shape through ventures like her business, Torrie Wilson Fit.

Wilson did not stay away from sports-entertainment for good, though. In 2018, she returned to the ring to take part in the first-ever Women’s Royal Rumble Match – then later that year was a featured competitor at WWE Evolution, the first-ever all-women’s pay-per-view event, in a Battle Royal for a future championship opportunity. And now, for her contributions that helped blaze a trail for women in sports-entertainment, Torrie Wilson will take her place in sports-entertainment history as a member of the WWE Hall of Fame’s Class of 2019.

Torrie Wilson: Latest News

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Genre: FightingWrestling
Rating: BBFC: 15
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OverviewWWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2011 is the twelfth installment of the popular wrestling series and introduces a brand new physics system to the gameplay as well as a new WWE Universe mode.
wraithanthonyal rates this game: 5/5

WWE Smackdown VS Raw 2011 introduces some new stuff such as WWE Universe mode and an improved Road To Wrestlemania where you control where the person who you are playing as goes unlike past games. I have two complaints but one of them is I guess minor and it is that they got rid of Career Mode. My second compliant and it goes for the entire series is that the people who fight are restricted to the gender...You can NOT have battle of the sexes unlike the past games such as the old Smackdown games, and Raw 2 for the original XBOX where you can even have a female win the World and WWE titles and even the Cruiser weight, and tag team plus King Of The Ring and Royal Rumble.

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Wwe Raw Videos Free Download Youtube


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Wwe Raw Videos free. download full

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