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  1. Wahoo Kickr Core Software Mac Os Recovery Tool
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  • Those who are using the Core, what% do you have your resistance set up when doing sprint type workouts. Below is my workout today (Bays), which is endurance+sprint. I normally use ERG mode for 95% of my training but decided to switch it up. I have a 52/36-with an 11-28 on the Core right now. In the warm up and beginning, I was using the small ring, mid cassette at 27% to hit my watt targets.
  • 'Wahoo KICKR Bluetooth: Mac computer running OSX 10.8 or newer with Bluetooth 4.0 built in or with a dongle. See Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Support Wahoo Kickr bike trainer (Optional) ANT+ or Bluetooth Smart cadence sensor and heart rate strap from above'.



MacOS/MacBook Pro with Wahoo Kickr and/or Tickr bluetooth connectivity issues fix I have been doing my head in trying to workout why my setup is having so many bluetooth issues and thought I would share the link from Zwift support which seems to have fixed the issue. To get started running or cycling on Zwift you need to download the app. Zwift is compatible with PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads, and Apple TVs 4th gen or later.

I bought a TACX Flux S smarttrainer serial number 861964636.

I paired the device withGoldenCheetah v3.4 without ANT+ (anntenaTACX ) any problems. Resistance in ERGmode was immediate.

I installed it successfully on 2different computers. Perfect.

Pareid FE+C

Unfortunately, I advertised thiscopy with a mechanical defect and a stench of plastic.

'Config Device in GC


Wahoo Kickr Core Software Mac Os Recovery Tool









As part of the complaint Ireceived a second copy of serial number 861904263.

I have paired the new deviceanalogously with GoldenCheetah v3.4 on the same computers without ANT+ (anntenaTACX).

Unfortunately, apart fromreceiving information about power, cadence and speed, the device does not workin ERG mode.

There is no resistance control.

I did a test on another 3rdcomputer - it doesn't work.

Pareid FE+C

Config Device in GC (is thissame except serial no)




Wahoo Kickr Core Installation







Wahoo Kickr Core Setup

Firmware comunication3.3.40

Firmware host processor 1.1.2

Wahoo Kickr Install

Bluetooth turned off in thephone and other devices.

Wahoo Kickr Core Software Mac Os Versions

Wahoo Kickr Core Apps


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