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  4. Ps3 Controller Driver Mac Download

Presently, the PlayStation 3 (PS3)is known to be one of the most famous and extensively used gaming consoles. Are you a gamer who uses Windows 10 and wish to a ps3 controller on pc?

For that, you need to connect ps3 controller to pc through below discussed methods which are assured to give promising results. Basically, you need to allow few minutes and a Mini USB cable. Moreover, you should be capable to sync your PlayStation 3 controller in association with your PC. Also, check another interesting article Xbox 360 controller driver not working Window 10 solved.

For the connection of ps3 controller windows 10, you have to download unique drivers and also required window configuration. You can find these drivers on the official site. Next, you need to manually download as well as install the drivers on your own.

To solve issues of how to use ps3 controller on pc, it is necessary to remember that you should download the proper driver for the PlayStation 3 control.

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Ttx Tech Ps3 Controller Driver Post by Bobby93 » Sun Feb 12, 2012 10:18 am I've recently bought a ttx tech ps3 controller from ebay and it only came with mac drivers. .Compatibility: Android, PlayStation, PS3, PS2, Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP. Packing Content: Gamepad x 1 Driver CD x 1 Manual x 1. Notes: The Joystick does not support Xbox 360 / Xbox One / Mac OS / PS4 The vibration-feedback can only be used in PC games supporting Xinput.

  • How To Use PS3 Controller on PC: Step By Step Guide

How To Connect PS3 Controller To PC Windows 10?

Are you worried about how to connect ps3 controller to pc? Well, the preset section on using ps3 controller on pc will help you a lot.

Ps3 Controller Driver Download Mac

If you prefer using your PS3, it is necessary that you have plug PS3 controller inside your system and then again pair it. In case, you make use of ps3 remote then you might not face the issue due to the fact that the ps3 remote connects directly to your PC.

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Ps3 Controller Driver Download Mac Pro

For getting help with various gamepads or joysticks or for getting information on how to configure a specific game in order that you are capable to play it through the help of a controller, you need to see the website of the manufacturer. After that, your PS 3 controller is all set to use.

You need to properly follow the actions listed in the below methods in order to wirelessly use your PlayStation controller. It is vital to be cautious in certain cases that the key gets displayed on an Xbox controller and not on the PlayStation.

It is not compulsory to have your controller connected through USB. You can only connect your PS3 controller to your PC and begin enjoying your controller-friendly game. You need to make proper changes which you wish to have in your controller. When you don’t do that, it would be unable to detect your controller appropriately.

In case you are making use of a wired controller, it is recommended to take the narrow tip of the PS3 controllers USB cable and then plug it inside the controller.

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How To Use PS3 Controller on PC: Step By Step Guide

Are you confused about how to use a ps3 controller on pc? When you want to use ps3 controller on pc then just follow the below steps:

Step 1: Press and Turn On the Controller

You would observe a “PS” button over the controller in the middle part, just turn it on. Before that, confirm that you have unplugged the PS3 from the power source before you pair your PS3 Controller.

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Ps3 Controller Driver Download Mac Installer

Step 2: Make a connection between your PS3 Controller to PC

You can see a narrow tip of the USB charging cable of the controller inside the controller and the broad tip of the cable inside the USB port of your PC. In case you wish to connect this controller through the help of wireless dongle, make sure to download and then install the Dongle’s driver. After that, all you need to do is follow the instructions shown on the screen and then finish the installation.

Step 3: Visit SCP Toolkit Website

For connecting ps3 controller drivers to PC, you need to visit the SCP toolkit website ( Link )in order to enable your PlayStation3’s controller for steam games in connection with your PC.

Step 4: Download toolkit from “ScpToolkit_Setup.exe” Link

In this step, you need to download the toolkit to the default download folder inside your Windows 10 computer. While downloading, make sure that you are availing the recent version of the toolkit. Now click on the big green button to begin the process of downloading.

Ps3 Controller Driver Download Mac Os

Step 5: Carry out the Setup of File

After completing the process of downloading the toolkit’s .exe file, all you need to do is to setup the file. An icon would be shown which matches with the black PlayStation3 controller.

Step 6: Properly follow the instructions shown

  • On the .exe file, double-click on it after which you would see the “Install” button, now just click on it.
  • Accept the displayed terms and conditions.
  • In the download process, there are lots of components which would get downloaded and therefore you should wait until the installation gets completed. It is possible then you need to click “Install” option many a
  • You would observe missing “prerequisites” which are essential to run the program. So just click on “Next” till the prerequisites get installed. Alternatively, you might click on “Finish”
  • Click on “Yes” once again when the pop-up window gets displayed.

Step 7: Double Click on SCP ToolKit Driver Installer

In this step, just double-click the SCPToolKit Driver Installer in order to initiate the driver installation process.

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Step 8: Deselect the “Install DualShock 4 Controller” option

On the left side of the driver installer window, you would see the Install DualShock 4 Controller option. When you find it, just deselect it.

Ps3 Controller Driver Mac Download

Step 9: Check the Box shown below “Choose DualShock 3 Controller to Install”

This option is accessible on the right part of the window. When you find the option, select the controller from there.

Step 10: Check Wireless Controller Option

In the process of using windows 10 ps3 controller, in this step, have you checked whether you get the options of every device that are connected to your PC? The answer should be yes, so after checking the option, you would find the PS3 Controller option marked as “Wireless Controller” along with a number which relates to USB port wherein the PS3 controller is plugged into.

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Step 11: Proceed for the Installation process

You would see the Install Option on the right-hand side of the driver installer window. Wait for few minutes to get it installed with the compatible Windows 10 system based PC. Once the installation gets completed, a beep sound will be encountered to confirm the process of installation.


If you own ps3 controller windows 10, the concerns of how to use ps3 controller on pc windows 10 and how to connect it with PC are common. Following the above steps seamlessly accomplishes the tasks.

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