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A validation assessment program is a necessity in the pharma industry to ensure adherence to pharmaceutical cGMP guidelines, and to help companies maintain consistent quality. Pharma Care is specialised accounting software for Retail Pharmacy or Wholesale Pharmacy. It has unique features to satisfy all the special requirements of medical stores like billing. Benefits of Pharmacy Software. Pharmacy software is an one stop solution for billing, Inventory management and accounting needs. Cost effective InventoryPlus software help to manage fast billing using barcode scanner supported POS system, GST supported billing software. Software available for Pharma.

Accounting and inventory software are always very useful in keeping the different elements of a business up-to-date. In the Pharma sector of India, there are numerous franchise based companies available, and most of them make use of such kind of software. So, which one is the best for you? Let us provide you a little information about the top 10 software you can consider for this purpose

Software for Pharma Franchise Companies

Check Following List for Best Software for Pharma Industry

#1Tally ERP 9 With easy to customize features, this accounting software is used by majority of the Pharma Franchise companies. Plus, there is no dearth of professionals who can efficiently operate this software. The highly effective remote capabilities add more value to Tally ERP 9.

#2 Marg ERP 9 – If you are looking for software that allows you to have 100 percent control over your Pharma business then go for Marg ERP 9. The easy to customize features of this software provide you plenty of flexibility and the process of upgrading this software is also quite simple. From distribution to manufacturing related details, everything can be managed by Marg ERP 9.

#3 Pharma Soft – Like the name suggests, this application has been designed particularly for the PCD Pharma companies. This Quality Management System is tremendously useful in achieving quality based objectives.

#4 Medismo Pharma – Again a Pharma company centered accounting application, this software is a mobile CRM that allows you to handle all the elements from anywhere in the world. So, if you travel quite frequently then go for this software.

#5 SAP – Well, most of you might have already heard about this software. This accounting and inventory software is quite apt for the small as well as medium size companies. You can always rely on its robust framework.


#6 Innova Software – This application has been designed to handle all the aspects of a Pharma company, such as business development, research & development, licensing, alliance management, etc.

Pharma Software Companies

#7 Logic Pharma – Through this accounting software you can do a lot of things, such as generate analysis reports, profitability reports, and operational reports. The accounting and invoicing method of Logic Pharma is quite effective.

#8 Pharma Care – If you are running a Pharma business on retail or on wholesale level then Pharma Care can be of great help. It can help you a lot in managing your business without any hassles.

#9 Medeil Plus – This completely automatic integrated module for Pharma management will impress you in many ways. You can always rely on the invoicing system of this accounting software.

#10 Open MRS – If you want to implement an accounting application that comes with the feature of customized medical records then Open MRS is the one for you. The best thing about this software is that one does not need to have any idea of programming in order to operate it. So, for an effortless and powerful experience, you can always rely on it.

Contract Manufacturing In Pharma Pdf

Apart from them, there are many more accounting applications available for the Pharma companies. Before going for anyone, it would be better to ask for the demo version.

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