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10/10/2021by admin
  1. Peter And Paul Tv Series 1981 Download Torrent Full
  2. Peter And Paul Tv Series 1981 Download Torrent Download
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For a while now I've been meaning to post a few thoughts I wrote down after an early viewing of the 1981 film Peter and Paul, and seeing as Paul, Apostle of Christ was released on DVD and blu-ray last week, this seemed an opportune moment. Peter and Paul (TV Movie 1981) Paul of Tarsus The Bunker. (TV Series 1972-1973) Pierre Bezukhov (17 episodes, 1972-1973) The Edwardians.

Running Time: 561 min
Region: All Regions
Production Year: 1981-2004
Price $109.94


This set includes six of our best-sellers: A.D., Paul the Apostle, The Fourth Wise Man, Peter and Paul, Paul the Emissary, and Bonhoeffer: Agent of Grace.

Paul the Apostle - From the Emmy award-winning director Roger Young (Joseph and Jesus) comes the spectacular story of Paul the Apostle. This augmented adaptation, largely based on the biblical account, profiles Christ's most prolific messenger. Paul, originally known as Saul of Tarsus, was at the forefront of efforts to stamp out the early church until Jesus stopped him on the road to Damascus, forever changing his life and mission. He joyfully faced persecution, imprisonment, and peril in order to share the love and redemption offered by Christ. Beautifully shot in the Moroccan desert, Paul the Apostle is a sweeping saga of the man who brought the Gospel to the Western world. Starring Johannes Brandrup, Thomas Lockyer, Barbora Bobulova, Ennio Fantastichini, G.W. Bailey, Franco Nero. Full Frame.

Special Features:
-Optional English subtitles
-Chapter titles provided for easy scene access

A.D. - Picking up where the events of the acclaimed Passion of the Christ left off, A.D. vividly recreates the turbulent years following the death of Christ. The earliest experiences of the Christian church after Jesus' ascension are powerfully dramatized in this remarkably authentic TV miniseries epic covering the years A.D. 30-69. The perfect resource for any church or home study group wishing to explore the New Testament period, the Early Church, or the Book of Acts.

This Biblically and historically accurate drama comes complete with a 56-page Study Guide in PDF, providing a 12-week course. Performances from an all-star cast, together with the scope of the project, also make this great Bible-based family entertainment. This Vincenzo Labella production features: Anthony Andrews, Colleen Dewhurst, Ava Gardner, David Hedison, John Houseman, Richard Kiley, James Mason, Susan Sarandon, Ben Vereen and many others.

This is the six-hour version adapted from the nine-hour television version (not currently available on DVD). Fullscreen.

Bonhoeffer: Agent of Grace - This outstanding film sheds light on the little-known efforts of the German resistance during WWII and Dietrich Bonhoeffer's role in the rebellion against the Nazis.

Peter And Paul Tv Series 1981 Download Torrent Full

DVD Features:
Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, German
Subtitles: English
Viewing Format: Widescreen
Scene Selection
Bonus Material:
- Biographical information on leading actors

Paul the Emissary - The early first century followers of Jesus were a small, struggling group within Judaism who seemingly posed no threat to anyone, certainly not the mighty Roman empire. But there was one determined to see this fledging faith exterminated. His name was Saul and he became the greatest persecutor of the early church. But within a matter of a few years, the Christians fiercest opponent became their most effective advocate. Struck down by a powerful conversion experience on the road to Damascus, Saul -- his name changed to Paul -- went on to become the greatest missionary in the history of Christianity. He went on to write more of the New Testament books than any other. In this impressive drama starring Garry Cooper we follow Saul the angry zealot to Paul the servant of Christ who will pay any price to bring his message to the world.

DVD Features:
Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Hebrew and Arabic language tracks
Subtitles: English
Viewing Format: Widescreen
Bonus Materials:
- Biographical info on leading actors
- Reflective Questions
- Bonus Feature: 'I Paul' a reenactment of II Tim. (In English only)

Peter and Paul - Anthony Hopkins stars in this epic network television mini-series that brings to life the precarious existence of early Christianity. The new movement is beset by violent opposition from without and constant turmoil from within. Two key leaders emerge -- Peter and Paul -- who struggle to keep the faith alive. This dramatic presentation follows the pair, together and separately, through three epochal decades. Included are the stoning of Stephen, the road to Damascus, their encounter in Jerusalem, their conflicts over how the word of Christ should be spread. Paul’s travels to Asia Minor and Greece, Peter and Paul’s clashes over Jewish law, and Peter’s decision to follow in Paul’s courageous footsteps. The drama concludes in Rome in approximately A.D. 64 with the beheading of Paul and the crucifixion of Peter under Emperor Nero.

DVD Features:
Languages: English, Spanish
Subtitles: English
Viewing Format: Fullscreen
Bonus Material:
-Biographical information on leading actors
-Chapter titles provided for easy scene access

The Fourth Wise Man - Based on Henry van Dyke's classic, The Story of the Other Wise Man, this fictional story set in Biblical times is told in gently comic terms. A Magi named Artaban (Martin Sheen) sees a sign in the heavens that he hopes will lead him and his faithful servant to the Messiah. Artaban takes with him three precious gifts to present to the Messiah. For 33 years Artaban pursues Jesus, only to miss Him at every turn. Along the way, Artaban uses his gifts to help people in dire need. He now has nothing to present to the Messiah when he finds Him. The story culminates on Easter Sunday as Artaban, old and dying, finally encounters the new King, bringing peace to his life. A deeply moving experience examining what true faith really means. Starring Martin Sheen and Alan Arkin.

DVD Features:
Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French
Subtitles: English
Viewing Format: Fullscreen
Chapter Section
Bonus Material:
- Biographical information on leading actors
- Original preview trailer

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For a while now I've been meaning to post a few thoughts I wrote down after an early viewing of the 1981 film Peter and Paul, and seeing as Paul, Apostle of Christ was released on DVD and blu-ray last week, this seemed an opportune moment. As with the last time I posted some old thoughts on this film, the thoughts below date back at least a decade so they perhaps don't reflect what I would write about the film today, but I thought it might be of interest to some, and in any case I'm trying to gather up some of the bits and pieces I have written elsewhere on the internet that have subsequently disappeared. It's actually interesting to me how much I have moved on from the kinds of things I wrote then, and how the film then taught me, or helped me understand other things, that I've come to just take for granted in the meantime. These thoughts were originally posted at a discussion forum, so please forgive the change of tone, but (spelling mistakes aside) I wanted to preserve the original as much as possible.
I found it interesting that the film stresses the change of name being from the Hebrew Saul to the Roman Paul. I'd never really twigged that that was what went on. It certainly makes more sense of where the name change occurs in Acts, which was something that had always puzzled me.
I found the stoning scenes quite interesting as well. In Jesus films we never really see one (save Life of Brian of course which doesn't really help factually), only Jesus stopping one. Here we see a few, and there are a few interesting details. In one of them its actually a woman who throws the first stone which I thought was a curious twist on John 8. One thing I've always wondered is how come Paul survived so many stonings. I mean unless you run out of rocks or the stoners have a really bad aim, it's difficult to visualise. And the film did this well. (FWIW I'm sure that at one point the actor who plays Steven is an extra who throws a stone in another scene - irony). Also interesting that in some of the scenes the crowd gets stoned just for being there.
The way the restrictions get handled is thought provoking as well. I guess going into the film I thought Paul had agreed on certain compromises which he then seems to flout later in his letters. The film takes the view that the Jewish church rejects salvation by faith alone, but agrees with Paul pretty much, but then quickly goes back on it, leading to the argument with Peter and Paul from Gal 2. I presume their version of things sees Acts as airbrushing, or rather consolidating a longer debate into one incident.
I hadn't realised btw that Silas was being played by Gimli (John Rhys-Davies). And for British viewers the main Juadiser in the film is played by the guy who plays Howard (as in the legendary Howard and Hilda from Ever Decreasing CirclesPeter And Paul Tv Series 1981 Download Torrent

Peter And Paul Tv Series 1981 Download Torrent Download

starring Richard Briers)
The slave girl of Philippi here is 'gifted' rather than demonised, and this generally fits with the way the film downplays the supernatural elements of the story. So Pentecost occurs before the film, the visions are restricted to bright lights, Paul's sight is restored but it only looks like some dried skin is soothed or something, the death of Annanias and Saphira is ignored (again, a bible film that cuts out the troubling bits), Peter's escape from jail is an earthquake rather than an angel, the supernatural intervention surrounding the shipwreck is missed out and we just see them washed on to the beach. There are some supernatural elements, but they are generally sidelined. Its particularly interesting then that the film gives us the definition of a miracle as an 'event that produces faith'
As I think I said above one of the things I liked about the film was the way it worked later themes in as if Paul is developing them, or coining them and coming back to them. I particularly liked the way it works 1 Cor 1 in there. (one day I might do a film series / or essay on the use of this passage - it also occurs in The Mission, Three Colours Blue and Four Weddings and a Funeral

Peter And Paul Tv Series 1981 Download Torrent Hd

I was also surprised that Cornellius' vision was absent. It seems to me that Acts really hinges on ch 8-10. The execution of Stephen forces many members of the church to leave Jerusalem and thus take the message further afield, then Paul is appointed to the gentiles and Peter has his vision. This film makes little of the first aspect, and nothing of the last.
I also thought the dispute between Paul and Barnabas was handled effectively and the whole portrayal of Paul as a great man, but one who is flawed is the films real strength.
One other thing I though was interesting was how at times the film casts both Peter and Paul as Jesus, through certain scenes / shots that are very reminiscent of Jesus. Peter gets this early on in an upper room, and Paul somewhat later on as he stands silent before Nero.

Peter And Paul Tv Series 1981 Download Torrent Free

Hope you found this trip down memory lane interesting

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