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Whats the issue?

Download ShaperBox 2.3.1 Demo (VST / AU, 32 / 64bit) — includes TimeShaper 2, DriveShaper, CrushShaper, VolumeShaper 6, FilterShaper Core 2, PanShaper 3, WidthShaper 2: WINDOWS Windows 7, 8 or 10 MAC OS X 10.8 or later The demo is fully functional and has no time limit, but you can only use one instance per song and you can't save your settings. Select VST plugin paths (Windows only) While paths for VST3 and AAX plugins are predefined, you can install VST2 plugins anywhere you want. But it's highly recommended to keep the defaults. In all cases, you just need to ensure you have the VST plugin path selected in your host, so that the host knows where to find the plugins.

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Many musicians use cracked software and plugins on their computers.

  • What are the risks and issues of pirated software on my computer?
  • How can you check if you have cracked software on my computer?
  • Our recommendation


When using pirated software on your computer, you risk the following:

  • You risk of damaging your computer: Many cracks include viruses and backdoors which will harm your system. And yes, nowadays even on Mac.
  • When screen recording, you risk of being accused of using pirated software. In fact, many artists have been blamed publicly by exposing software in videos which they did not buy. Don’t believe it? Look:…
  • Updating pirated software comes with a cost – your manpower. You will have to invest an increasing amount of time to keep your software updated, whereas it is a one-click process with most software and plugin manufacturers. Why does this amount of time increase? Because manufacturers invest their time to prevent their software to be pirated – they work against you in that matter.
  • Some software do show their licence codes in the GUI. Others rely on challenge-response mechanisms which cracks try to circumvent. Running such software on your computer and even giving admin rights to do the crack is a highly riskful thing which you should think of twice. Mac Gatekeeper for example is worthless if you open the door of your Mac yourself.

The picture shows a pirated version of Sylenth 1

How can i check?

The following is a list of Plugins which list the name of the buyer in the GUI.
This list serves as an information and might be incomplete and it helps you not to fall into any publication trap like creating Videos online.
Use it to scan your computer for any missed or forgotten software that you want to update to a paid licence.
Given the fact that there are hundreds of VST plugins out there, the number of listed items can be considered quite small and surveyable.

  • Sonic Academy Ana 2 –…
  • Sonic Academy Kick 2 –…
  • Ohmforce Ohmicide –…
  • Ohmforce Ohmboyz –…
  • KV331 Synthmaster 1 (not 2) –…
  • Lennar Digital Sylenth1 –…
  • Camel Audio Alchemy –… (discontinued)
  • Madrona Labs Aalto –…
  • SonicCharge Implant –…
  • Tal U-NO LX –…
  • U-He Zebra –…
  • U-He Bazille –… (Startup only)
  • U-He Diva –… (Startup only)
  • VPS Avenger –…
  • Xfer Serum –…

The above enumeration is based on manual checks of all items on the following two lists:……

The pictures shows a licenced version of U-HE Diva

Our recommendation

Please use legal copies of software!


  • Hoarding loads of VST’s and software is a common mistake of newcomers to producing. You risk of getting into the plugin trap and be kept in the sound collection spiral of no return. Don’t fall into this! You better create music every single day and learn how to master your few plugins and program your hardware synths / effects instead – You can create a top hit with only Ableton installed – If you know how to master your existing stuff.
  • Peace of mind comes from living and breathing good karma – Buy it if you can afford it, the developer will thank you for that.
  • Its not as expensive as it was – Plugins, software and especially Sample Packs once cost many times more, its much more affordable today.
  • You earn money with it? Buy it! – You don’t have any cash and cannot afford anything? Well that’s one thing. But its certainly another thing if you just toured the world as an artist and show your youtube viewers your ignorance by using pirated software with which you just earned a lot of money.
  • There is an analogy with the music that you produce and try to sell: Do you like that everybody just downloads your piece of art for free? If not, you should buy software and Plugins, its the same principle.

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Geld verdienen mit Musik


Fast, Accurate, Flexible

Gatekeeper is the cutting edge of volume modulation. Capable of sample-fast transitions and equipped with a unique variable smoothing algorithm, Gatekeeper allows for drastic, punchy gating and sequencing while keeping the output smooth. Breathe new life into your audio with the most basic, yet impactful way: silence.

The Ultimate In-Your-Face Gating Effect


  • Sample fast and precise volume modulation
  • Expressive and fun envelope drawing tools
  • Boost and clip features for extra punch
  • Smoothing algorithm to eliminate clicks and pops
  • 8 independent volume envelopes
  • Fully customizable midi-triggering
  • Panning tools
  • Tempo mapped looping
  • MIDI CC send for controlling DAWs and other plugins
  • CV output for Modular synths
  • Hundreds of presets
Supports VST2 / VST3 / AU / AAX plug-in formats
for Windows 64bit and OSX 10.9+ 64bit

Unbeatable Versatility

Gatekeeper can act as an LFO, envelope, step sequencer, sample-accurate volume automation and more.
With 8 MIDI programmable envelopes, and even CV output for external hardware, Gatekeeper is a Swiss army knife of creative expression. Even more so, it includes hundreds of presets that will spice up your sounds. Whether used in production, mixing, or sound design, Gatekeeper always has something to bring to the table.

Precise, Expressive Designing Tools

Vst Torrent

Never again be frustrated by clunky editing interfaces! Curve brushes and an elaborate shortcut system makes drawing automation fun and easy, while 31 kinds of envelope brushes and 4 copy slots allow for exceedingly intricate designs. Need long drawn out patterns? With up to 1024 nodes, Gatekeeper can create a sequence up to a whopping 20 hours long.

Watch the videos below, and see how it’s done.


Since a large part of Infected Mushroom’s signature sound has always involved volume envelopes and rhythmic gates, it’s easy to see why they teamed up with Polyverse to bring the fastest, most accurate and flexible volume modulator to the world. Gatekeeper contains all of the secret techniques Infected has been using for years, all the way to their most recent creations.

Through our unique “Artistic feedback” process, artists use ever-changing prototypes while making their own music, allowing Gatekeeper to naturally evolve into its best form.

Gatekeeper Vst Crack Download


Gatekeeper Vst Crack Download

Watch the manual video below to see what it can do!


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