Free Old Native Instruments Fm7 Vst Download

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Free old native instruments fm7 vst download mediafireTorrent
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Free Old Native Instruments Fm7 Vst Download Torrent



Abakos is an analog style synthesizer with many control parameters and a big collection of sound patches.
Download Abakos

Arppe 2600 VA

Arppe 2600 VA is a simulation of the classic ARP 2600 synthesizer. It has 3 oscillators, VCF, VCA, ADSR controls and more.
Download Arppe 2600 VA

MiniMogue VA Luxus

MiniMogue VA Luxus is another synth based on the Minimoog. This one has expanded capabilities, like 5 notes polyphony, an arpeggiator and 16 notes step sequencer. It has 3 oscillators,1 LFO, chorus and delay effects and 128 sound patches.
Download MiniMogue VA Luxus


Daedalus is a synthesizer with 2 oscillators, VCF, LFO, mixer, VCO-VCF-VCA ADSR, arpeggiator and chorus/delay effects.
Download Daedalus


Monolisa is a monophonic synth which includes a basic selection of controls: VC Oscillator, VC Filter, VC Amplifier, and LF Oscillator.
Download Monolisa


Freemoog is a synthesizer based on the legendary Minimoog. It includes 3 oscillators, 1 LFO, arpeggiator, mixer, chorus and delay effects and many more.
Download Freemoog


Intro is a synthesizer with 4 oscillators, 64 built-in waveforms, white and pink noise generator, 2 filters, 3 LFOs, 10 ADSR envelopes, 16 steps sequencer, trancegate and envelope gate. And also effects as chorus, delay and EQ.
Download Intro


Pling is an implementation of the well known karplus strong model. The top panel models the pick impulse and the middle panel indicates string characteristics. A simple tube distortion model is intended to provide a one-stop solution for artificial guitar amusement. There are 67 selectable tunings/temperaments.
Download Pling


Rez is an interesting synth with a highly resonant low pass filter, phrase arpeggiator, sub oscillator, phaser, overdrive, pulse width modulation, detune and dual delay.
Download Rez

String Theory

String Theory is a flexible, delay based, physical modeling synth. It has dual phrase arpeggiators. Each of these arpeggiators has its own speed, gate and octave controls. This allows for far more complex patterns than the average arpeggiator.
Download String Theory

Saffron VA

Saffron VA is a simplistic synthesizer that includes five effects: chorus, flanger, phaser, delay and reverb.
Download Saffron VA

String Synth

String Synth is an emulation of the string synths of the late 70s made famous by ARP and Solina.
Download String Synth

String Thing

String Thing is a synth that emulates the sound of plucked strings. It has controls over plucking, variable bandwidth filter, and various controls for tonal quality.
Download String Thing


Stringer is an emulation of classic string synths as Eminent 310, Mellotron, Arp string ensemble, Crumar Performer or Korg Trident.
Download Stringer

SuperWave P8

SuperWave P8 is a synth with 8 notes polyphony, 2 oscillators, 2 resonant filters, ADSR for amplifiers and filters, 2 LFOs, modulation with routing options, 2 delay effects and portamento. 64 sound patches are included.
Download SuperWave P8


SynthMaster is a semi-modular software synthesizer and multi-FX plugin. As a software synthesizer combines many different synthesis methods such as additive synthesis, subtractive synthesis, ring modulation, amplitude modulation, frequency/phase modulation, pulse width modulation, osc sync and waveshaping. As a multi-FX plugin, it features 8 band parametric EQ/filterbank 16 band Vocoder, Stereo Tremolo, Stereo Chorus, Stereo Delay and Stereo Reverb.
The free version of SynthMaster has three limitations: 2 plugin instances per project, 5 voice polyphony per plugin, and 10 bit audio input resolution (for the VST/standalone versions).
Download SynthMaster

:: Recommended commercial products ::

Native Instruments FM7

FM7 is the legendary frequency modulation synthesizer from Native Instruments company. Having eight different
operators, it is a very complete instrument full of features that will fulfill the expectatives of any professional musician, while its extensive set of ready to use patches will make it enjoyable for the beginners alike. It can be used as standalone application or as a DX and VST plugin.
This synth is very suitable for use in sophisticated music, like New Age style music. It can create very subtle and delicate sounds. Below is an example of an audio track in which all the melodies have been performed by this instrument.

Native Instruments Pro-53

Pro-53 is a vintage synthesizer emulation created by Native Instruments that resembles in some way the classical Prophet 5 analog synthesizer. It features a sound personality taken from the 70s, a sound that brings into memory the beginning of the electronic music. Fat and energic leads are very present in this instrument. Below is an example of an audio track in which all the melodies and drums have been performed by this instrument, with the exception of the glockenspiel.

Korg Wavestation

Korg LegacyCell

Korg Legacy Collection

Korg Legacy Collection is a great package of virtual synthesizers which includes the MS-20 and Polysix retro synthesizers and the Wavestation and LegacyCell musical workstations. Wavestation includes around 550 patches ready to use and is an amazing resource of superb sounds which range from natural instruments to bizarre drones and textures that will set your music apart from others. LegacyCell is some kind of device that lets you freely combine two instances of the MS-20 and/or Polysix synths together along with a dual-effects processor for even more dynamic and unique sonic creations. This instrument comes with 127 presets with plenty of room for your own combinations. Below is an example of an audio track in which all the melodies and drums have been performed by these instruments.

reFX Slayer 2

Slayer 2 is a great simulation of an electric guitar developed by reFX. This instrument has an excellent sound quality; resonance is superb and also is great the bright metallic sound which it can produce. This instrument has a built-in rack where a range of pre and post effects can be attached, increasing dramatically the sonic capabilities of the device. Below is an example of an audio track in which all the melodies have been performed by this instrument.

Native Instruments Kompakt

Kompakt is a software sampler from Native Instruments which is designed to take the lead out of software sampling and provide you with a nimble, fully tweakable software sampler that will fit right into your sequencer of choice. In this light sampler designed for fast work in a sequencer, real time tweaking possibilities are great, and it comes with more than 2 GB of samples. Below is an example of an audio track in which all the melodies have been performed by this instrument.

Edirol HQ Orchestral

Edirol HQ Orchestral is a MIDI synthesis software developed by Edirol company, a member of the Roland group. HQ Orchestral allows you to add great sounding instrumental voices in a Midi channel in any VST compatible sequencer. It has 16 channels which can load a wide selection of orchestral instruments, including complete drum kits. Below is an example of an audio track in which the drum kit track has been performed by this instrument.

:: Sample music themes ::

Native Instruments FM7

01 - FM7 - Factory Presets - Hungary
02 - FM7 - Factory Presets - Hungary
03 - FM7 - Factory Presets - Hungary
04 - FM7 - Factory Presets - Hungary
05 - FM7 - Factory Presets - Hungary
06 - Drums (FM7 - FM7 Sounds Vol.2 - Warped Voices)

Native Instruments Pro-53

01 - Pro-53 - Basses - Metal Bass
02 - Pro-53 - Basses - New Gasoline
03 - Pro-53 - Drums - Bassdrum Five
04 - Pro-53 - Drums - Snare
05 - Pro-53 - Leads 1 - Energy Note
06 - Pro-53 - Leads 1 - Super Sync Lead
07 - Glockenspiel

Korg Legacy Collection

01 - Wavestation - Belle Star 2
02 - Wavestation - Octave Strings
03 - Wavestation - Digi Harp
04 - LegacyCell - Euphoricity
05 - LegacyCell - Dyna-Velocity Arp
06 - LegacyCell - Downward Trend
07 - LegacyCell - Healing Guitar
08 - Drums (LegacyCell - Analog Drum Kit)

reFX Slayer 2

01 - Slayer 2 - Nat Standard
02 - Slayer 2 - Nat Standard
03 - Slayer 2 - Nat Standard
04 - Slayer 2 - Nat Standard
05 - Slayer 2 - Nat Standard
06 - Drums (Connected to Edirol HQ Orchestral)
07 - Edirol HQ Orchestral - Orchestra Kit

Native Instruments Kompakt

01 - Kompakt - Omega Synth (Pad)
02 - Kompakt - Wc Staccato Ah
03 - Kompakt - Omega Synth (Pad)
04 - Kompakt - Acoustic Bass
05 - Kompakt - Tubular Bells Dual
06 - Drums (Connected to Edirol HQ Orchestral)
07 - Edirol HQ Orchestral - Orchestra Kit

Edirol HQ Orchestral

01 - Pro-53 - Tuned Percussion - Gloks
02 - Pro-53 - Basses - Fat Pluck
03 - z3ta+ - Organish Pad
04 - z3ta+ - Saga Pad
05 - Drums (Connected to Edirol HQ Orchestral)
06 - Edirol HQ Orchestral - Orchestra Kit

Free Old Native Instruments Fm7 Vst Download Mediafire

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