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Gihosoft Free Video Cutter. Talking about a great video cutter software, we can’t think of skipping. SuperDoor - Raised panel door cut list generating software. Tabulator - A board foot calculator, bill of materials generator and lumber tabulator. Tape Measure - GPS based measurement tool to take.

Cutting optimization software running on Windows, macOS / OS X and Linux.

A trial version for 90 days is available.


  • With installer - will create shortcuts on Desktop and Programs.

    Download scsx_win32_installer.exe (2.54 MB) or (2.53 MB).

  • or

  • Without installer

    Download simple-cutting-software-x.exe (8.2 MB) or (3.14 MB).

    You may save it directly on Desktop.

    Run it. There is no installation kit. Please remember where you saved it so that you can run it next time.

If you don't know what to choose, please download the installer.

Apple macOS / OS X (version 10.9 or newer)

Download (3.72 MB).

It is .zip archive. Double-click it in Finder. It should be decompressed in the same folder as the zip archive. The name of the application is Simple Cutting Software Move it in Application folder or run it directly from there.

Linux Ubuntu (tested on Ubuntu 18 - 64bit)

Download simple-cutting-software-x.deb (3.33MB)

Install the program with Ubuntu Software Center.

You will find the program in the list of installed programs.

  • Pieces to be optimized (customer demand) are introduced in Parts table. You can also import them from Sketchup by using a special exporter from here.

  • Pieces to cut from (the sheets) are introduced in Stock.

  • Set some parameters by pressing button Settings.

  • Press Start button. At the end of cutting optimization the solution will be graphically displayed.

  • You may print and save it.

Frequently asked questions / comments

  • How can I enter more than 100 pieces in Parts or Stock? Answer: Select a cell in the last row of the table and press Bottom arrow.

  • How do I copy-paste data from from Excel? AnswerSelect the data from Excel and copy them to Clipboard. Then, in the optimization program, select the cell where the paste should begin. The cell where you paste must be selected and the cursor must NOT be visible. Press Ctrl+V (Command+V or MacOS) or right click and select the Paste command.

Simple Cutting Software X on Mac OSX

Manual arrange post optimization in Simple Cutting Software X on Mac OSX

Fractional values in Simple Cutting Software X

Exporting Sketchup models to Simple Cutting Software X

Simple Cutting Software X on Ubuntu Linux

Copy/paste from/to Excel in Simple Cutting Software X with Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V. Also you can right click the tables and then choose the Copy-Paste commands from the displayed menu.

Fiber (grain) direction. If one specifies a direction for both sheets and parts, the program will rotate the parts in order to satisfy the fiber direction. If no direction is specified the parts will be freely rotated.

Copy/paste from/to Google Docs in Simple Cutting Software X. If you don't have Excel, you can use a free spreadsheet, namely Google Docs.

Working with priorities. 0 is the highest priority. Sheets with higher priority will be cut before sheets with a lower priority.

Free Cut List Software For Mac Computers

Printing adhesive labels in Simple Cutting Software X.

Hiding/showing columns (right click on table header) and sorting data in Simple Cutting Software X.

Printing rolls (long materials) with Simple Cutting Software X.

  • 2D Guillotine optimization - The cuts are performed from one side to the other of the material. This feature is very useful for glass, wood, thermo-glass, ...

  • Manual arrange after optimization - one can modify the layout by moving, adding and deleting pieces with the mouse.

  • Any measurement metric- The way in which you introduce the data is a general one. You don't have to specify a metric. Just choose a metric in your mind and enter all data using that metric only.

  • Fractional input - You may introduce data either real as 100.5 or fractional as 100 1/2. Precision for fractions can be set from menu Settings. Do not mix real values with decimal separator ('.') with fractional values. Choose one style and stick with it.

  • Adjustable cutting blade thickness- For glass cutting with diamond the cutting blade thickness is 0, but for wood, metal handling you need a saw with a greater thickness.

  • Adjustable limit for breakable parts - No waste will have a size lower than this parameter and no 2 parallel cuts will be closer than this. It is used in order to avoid the breaking of too small material. Useful in glass industry.

  • Maximal cut length - it allows you to limit the length of the cuts that may be performed.

  • Adhesive labels - printing adhesive labels for each part.

  • Grouping of identical sheets - You can group/ungroup identical sheets with one click.

  • Grain direction control - useful for wood cutting optimisation. A parameter let the user to specify the grain for parts and stock.

  • Graphical display (black and white) of the obtained results - the results are displayed as images with text labels.

  • Save images - all the obtained 2D sheets can be saved as .png images with 1 click.

  • Grouping similar layouts - this will reduce the number of printed sheets of paper. The number of repetitions for each sheet will be displayed.

  • Printing the obtained layouts - on any printer.

  • XML Support. Loading and saving data (parts and stock) from/to *.xml.

  • Very fast running time - Solutions are obtained within seconds.

  • Win32 / MacOS native application. No dependencies required.

  • Single file application. You can move a single file to a new computer and it will run without installation.

  • Very efficient written..exe has about 7 MB and the installation kit just over 2 MB.

  • Desktop application. You are in control of your data. You do not risk loosing data if some distant server fails. You can run the application without problems even if the internet is not working.

  • Interface in multiple languages.


So you spent all your cash on the best vinyl cutter and have nothing left to spend on a premium cutting software?

If yes, you can get your way around it by using a FREE cutting software. Most of the free models will meet all your cutting needs, just like the paid ones.

In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the most popular free vinyl cutting software available today.


Completely FREE To use Software:


Inkscape is the most popular free vinyl cutting software among crafters all over.

The free software offers you a suite of flexible drawing tools and a powerful text tool to enable you to work on just any craft from start to finish. Moreover, it presents you with the broad file format and compatibility, as well as the Bezier & Spiro curves, to extend your boundaries on the types of projects you can work on with it.

Just like the paid software, Inkscape also supports SVG (Scalable Vector graphics). This simply means that it’ll work with your specific vinyl cutter even if it comes programmed to work with its native software only.

One area where this cutting software outdoes most of the paid software is its super-user friendly user interface. Whether you’re an absolute beginner or pro designer, you’ll easily figure things out when using this software.

Other than the vinyl cutter, you can also use Inkscape with a good heat press machine to help you design and edit graphics to be applied on t-shirts.

They even have a detailed FAQs page where you can get all the answers you have in your mind regarding the software!

Hey! Sometimes you need to take advantage of the free trials of the paid software and use these apps for your machine cutting needs.

Some of these top-rated software will offer you an extended free trial of up to 30 days and will grant you access to all its features and functions, including the advanced ones.

Let’s look at some of these software below…


SignGo is one perfect example of paid software with a pretty long free trial period. It lets you use it for up to 30 days (equivalent to one month) without paying a cent.

If you only have a few cutting projects to work on with your machine, this is a pretty long period of time to complete them.

You can use this software to work a wide range of cutting projects, including creating t-shirt designs, vinyl lettering, paint stencils, sandblast stencils, promo items, decorative glass, stickers, decals, among others.

Some of the premium features you’ll enjoy using from this software include the text editor, welding, node editor, distortions, direct scanning, gradient fills, shadows, to name but a few. However, you might not enjoy its full list of premium features until you subscribe to their pro version.

And the best part? This software supports over 500 cutting machines, so there’s a high chance your vinyl cutter will work with it.

Easy Cut Studio

Here’s another premium vinyl cutting software with an extended free demo of up to 30 days, just like SignGo.

Though this software is relatively new to the game, it has quickly gained popularity in the vinyl cutting world. The fact that it’s compatible with both Windows and Mac operation software makes translates to increased user scope.

Easy Cut Studio supports importing/exporting the SVG type files—enabling you to easily upload, save, and even send the designs you create. It also means you can hassle-freely transfer your files from this software to other software of your choice…something not many software can do.

Because the software supports vectorization of files, turning normal image file into cutting files becomes easier than ever before!

Oh! Don’t forget that this software also presents you with a 100% user-friendly, intuitive interface to make it as easy to use as possible.

Sure Cuts A Lot

Sure Cuts A Lot (SCAL) is one of the simplest vinyl cutting software ever made. It comes with an incredibly intuitive, user-friendly interface, which makes it the perfect option for absolute beginners.

Though this is a paid software, it offers you a FREE trial, which lasts for up to 15 days.

During the free trial period, you’ll enjoy using this app to cut pretty much any font or shape you can think of. You can choose to draw your own design from scratch, use pre-made designs, or cut your OpenType and TrueType fonts.

The software also has the ability to import designs from other programs. And thanks to its auto-tracing feature, it does a great job converting any shape into a cut image.

Free Mac Software Download Sites

Similar to other top-rated premium software, SCAL also works with both Windows and Mac.

Quit note: Cricut machine owners have reported issues using this software’s latest version (SCAL 5).


If you’re looking for a reliable vinyl cutting software to use with your vinyl cutter but don’t have the cash to purchase the premium models, consider getting Inkscape software. This is 100% free to use software and presents you with great features and functions, just like the paid software.

If you want to have a piece of the cake for the premium software without paying a dime, consider taking advantage of their free trials. These will be more suitable if you don’t have a lot of cutting projects. Some of these paid apps have a free demo that goes for as long as 30 days—more than enough time for small projects!

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