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Noteman says: The authorization process has been updated for Finale version 26. If you are using a previous version, you can view the authorization process here.

To receive all the benefits of being a Finale owner, including customer support, free maintenance updates, and discounts on future upgrades and new products, be sure to complete the Finale Authorization Wizard.

  1. Right-click the Finale icon on your desktop and choose Run as administrator. When you launch Finale for the first time, the Authorize Finale dialog box appears. This dialog box continues to appear each time you launch Finale until the product is authorized. You have 30 days to authorize your copy of Finale. After 30 days, printing and saving are disabled until your copy of Finale is authorized.
  2. Click Authorize Now to start the Finale Authorization Wizard.
  3. Enter the required information. You can find your Finale serial number…
    • In your MakeMusic account at, if you’ve registered your serial number previously.
    • On a sticker inside the Finale DVD or CD case of the earliest version purchased.
    • By selecting Help > About Finale, if you are upgrading from an earlier version of Finale. Your serial number has not changed.
    • Click What is my Serial Number? in the Finale Authorization Wizard for more information.
  4. Click Next. The Authorization Successful! dialog box appears.
  5. Click Close. The Launch Window appears, and you are ready to make music.

    If the Authorization Wizard encounters any problems, use the on-screen instructions to troubleshoot the authorization process. The Computer ID and Authorization Code are computer-specific and will only work on the given computer installation. Make sure that correct serial number has been entered.

From here, you can choose how you want to begin a new score, continue working on an existing project, or access reference materials. For example, select Setup Wizard to begin a new custom document by specifying the title, staves, key signature, time signature, and other attributes for your new score. If you are new to Finale, check out the Tutorial Guide to learn Finale basics.

Finale automatically sets up your MIDI Input and playback settings, but if you would like to make adjustments, you can find these settings in the MIDI Setup dialog box. You can learn how to configure your MIDI system using this dialog box in the next section.

Finale Serial Key Windows -notepad

    Your copy of Finale can be authorized on two computers simultaneously. However, with an Internet connection, authorization can be moved from one computer to another at will. If you still have access to the computer, choose Help > Deauthorize Finale to open up a free authorization slot. Deauthorization can also occur at your account by logging in and clicking Manage Authorizations. Your copy of Finale can now be authorized on a different computer.

    Deauthorize prior to making hardware changes to your computer, such as replacing a hard drive. Doing so will ensure a slot is open to authorize after updating your hardware. When you deauthorize, printing and saving are disabled until authorization has been restored.

Step 2: Setting up your MIDI system (optional)Step 4: The MIDI Setup dialog box (optional)
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