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  1. Cs Condition Zero Download For Android Download
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Counter Strike 1.6 forAndroid

Android counter strike 1.6 full version free download: Counter Strike is the Another Great Game for Android devices. As we all know that around the world there are many peoples who are using the internet and playing the games around. If we will look at today’s traditional world we will see that many of the games are online. Wherever it is for pc or Android. Peoples loves to play the game and the same with the new game called as Counter Strike. There are many peoples who are playing counter strike. You can download counter strike 1.6 android apk+data, now from below available link directly. This is the Counter Strike Portable 1.37c which you can play in your android device.

CS1.6 +43 ↺7 Counter-Strike 1.6; SSBC +33 ↺12 Super Smash Bros. Crusade; BotW +21 ↺6 The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (WiiU) Celeste +8 ↺16 S3AIR +16 ↺5 Sonic 3 A.I.R. HL2 +15 ↺3 Half-Life 2; StH (2013) +16 ↺2 Sonic the Hedgehog (2013). Condition Zero: Deleted Scenes is a game developed by Ritual Entertainment, which acts as an expansion pack to Counter-Strike: Condition Zero. It makes up a series of eighteen unconnected single-player missions, with blazing fast action and intense firefights. It includes new weapons and re-skinned and re-animated versions of Counter-Strike.

This counter strike android game is working in most of the android devices without any issues. Today we are going to discuss how to play counter strike on Android. You might have heard about this game just because it is very old game. This game is played by billions of people around the world on the internet and all the places. This game was available on Windows and later it was ported to my other operating system. Being the smart and the best operating system an developer named as Alibek Omarov has successfully ported the counter strike 1.6 on Android operating system. If we will look at Android operating system there are several developers, who are really good enough and they just loves to do porting and building the application. This is the reason why Android is bought by billions of people’s.

About CounterStrike for Android

Counter strike condition zero game free download for android

Counter Strike is a game from which if you are having some friends so you can play this game online on internet with your friends. In this your friends can be terrorist and you would be commando. In this you have to kill the terrorist if you win then you get some points and the game goes on. You can play multiplayer and if you are having any cyber café then you can play via LAN. Most of time people’s gives hundreds while playing this game in cyber café while playing this game. You will get several guns like shortgun, assault rifle, sniper, launchers, grenades, time bomb, and etc to kill your enemies via gun. You can counter strike 1.6 game download for android now from below available download link easily. If we will look at the game it is completely different to play and it is really difficult for the newbies to understand the game control. You have to read the manuals of the game and you can start playing game. This game was creating in somewhere 2000 and 2003 between and the developers of the the game valve corporations are playing attention in this game by providing newly updates and the new game.

If we will look at the support for any kind the game developers valve corporation will give a great support if you face any difficulty while playing this game. This is the reason why people’s loves to play this game.

Counter Strike 1.6 On Android

As I said the developer named as Alibek Omarov have ported this game to Android so you can easily play this game by sitting at your home. The person who ported this game was for someone else or we don’t know the proper story behind this but the game has became the headline all around the world. In today’s article we are going to tell how to install counter strike on your Android device. Download counter strike portable android from end of this post. In this game there is CS 1.6 client from which if you have PC at your home so you can copy the CS 1.6 files such as Valve and CS Strike from your computer and paste in your mobile. descargar counter strike para android. If you don’t have so no issues we are going to teach you how can you install this files. We have created a zip file from which you can easily unzip it and install the application and this will make easy installation. If you face any difficulty while following this tutorial you can surely comment below and we will help you out.

Cs Condition Zero Download For Android Download

Requirements Before Play counter strike for android

counter strike android game download now from below available urls.

  • CS Strike And Valve Folder zip file ( counter strike apk + data download ) –
  • Cs client for Single Core Chipset ( counter strike 1.6 apk download ) –
  • Cs client for Multi-Core Chipset (Most Of Devices counter strike game apk) –
  • Xash 3D Application –
  • ES File Explorer –

How To Install Counter Strike 1.6 On Android

Checkout below easy steps for Know how to install and play cs 1.6 for android without rooting it in 3D.

  • Download all the above given requirements and open the application.
  • Install the cs-client and xash3D in your mobile (Important).
  • Now open es-file Explorer and create a new folder named as Xash, like below Screenshot.
  • Move all your files in the Xash folder, which you was downloaded from above links, files will be in .zip format.
  • After Successfully copy zip file in Xash folder, Now, open counterstrike.zip in your mobile from Xash folder.
  • In there you will see two folders Cstrike and valve, same as above screenshot.
  • Hold both the folder and click on the extract button given in the below screenshot.
  • Click on Current path and the extraction will be started, wait some time and it’s depend on your phone’s performance.
Cs condition zero download for android download
  • If you want to delete counterstrike.zip you can delete it, it’s your choice.
  • Now you are going good now, open the Cs-client application and click on Launch Cs-client and now you can play the game

According to the game Porter Alibek Omarov there are chances that this game will be glitchy while playing this game on internet. If you are playing single player and no one is going to play with you then this game will work smoothly. According to the Porter of this application he has said you might get some glitches in the game. After the update we will surely update this game and you can play this game without any issues. If the game is totally ported so there are chances of getting bugs. Finally no one is perfect. We have tried this same in Nexus 5, OnePlus 2, Samsung Galaxy S4 and it was working absolutely fine.

How To Play Xash3D Game in your Mobile

  • We have installed 2 application one is CS client and other is Xash3D
  • Open the application and click on Launch
  • Don’t do any changes in the commands or else you have to uninstall the full game and try installing it again
  • Open the application and click on New game and you are ready to play the game

What is Xash 3D

Whenever you have played this game you might have get the new application already installed in your device. The game name is never disclosed to anyone but we will see a Lambda sign. In this game it is also called as Xash which is already installed with the game. Same here if you are bored while playing CS 1.6 then you can also try Xash3D in your mobile and you will be able to play this game. We are uploading both the data of the game of CS 1.6 and of the game Xash so you don’t need to panic about the game. In this game it is a mission type game in which you are going to somewhere and you have to do all the missions and you get training of the mission. You can learn those controls and play this game easily. If you have to customize the application so the developer has also published the application source code from which you can easily edit the application and customize the game.

Counter Strike Condition Zero Zip File Download For Android


By following this tutorial you can easily download and install counter strike on your Android device. If you feel any difficulty feel free to comment below. There are source code available on github you can easily download it and if you are an Android developer you can edit the application. Thank you for visiting and keep visiting for more tricks and updates and peace out.

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