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Candela software pakistan free download pc

This section is for Windows based PCs, you can also just use the offline controller. Software for Apple Macs and Linux which do not have support for installing and running windows programs is available, but is not described here.

Step 1: Driver Installation

Candela is an enterprise retail software solution. It can manage a small retail outlet and can scale-up to manage a retail chain of hundreds of stores. It manages the sales through its excellent point of sale (POS), and optimizes inventory across multiple outlets of a retail organization. Download this app from Microsoft Store for Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8, HoloLens. See screenshots, read the latest customer reviews, and compare ratings for Pakistani. Download this app from Microsoft Store for Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8. See screenshots, read the latest customer reviews, and compare ratings for The Spinning Earth.

All files referenced should be on your SD card or mini CD, if there are any problems with accessing these you can download a full copy of it's contents of it from here.

The first step is to install the Windows Serial port driver, labeled CH340SER.exe. If you cannot find this file, you can download it again from this link. Please not that the file linked is stored in a compressed .zip file. To use, you must extract the full contents of the .zip to a designated folder, and then try running the file from there. Running files from the .zip directly will not work.

Once you have found CH340SER.exe, right click it and select 'Run as administrator' and authorize the programs to make changes to your computer. From there, just follow the installation process and you are done with this step.

Step 2: Software Installation

This is a free and open source program which talks to your PROVer (or other Grbl based routers) by a serial USB connection and provides a variety of functions. This guide refers to GrblcontrolCandle V1.1.7, referred from now on as just Candle.

Candle can also be downloaded for Windows and Linux from Here, but please keep in mind that operating instructions can be found Here as they are not included with the installer.

To install, just copy the entire contents of the directory to a folder on your computer, for example to a Program Files (x86)/grblControl directory (you will need administrator privileges for this) or anywhere else on your computer. Once copied create a shortcut to ‘Grblcontrol (Candle).exe’ and save it anywhere you wish.

To start Candle click on the shortcut or directly open the Grblcontrol (Candle).exe

Step 3: Configuring Candle

Connect your CNC via the USB cable and start Candle. Ideally you should see something like the screenshot below:

If, instead of 'Port Opened' you have a red Alarm state in the status box, this is actually good! The 3018 and 4030 PROVer is fitted with limit switches and by default has ‘Homing’ enabled. Until a Homing Cycle has been run it will be in an Alarm state as it has no idea where the spindle is and will accept very few commands. You can also get out of this state by clicking on the padlock icon in the Control section of Candle to unlock the machine.

If you are not seeing the above image, you may see the following image below:

If this is the case, then Candle was unable to automatically find your router. Simply select the Service/Settings option from the top menu and you should see the settings menu:

Check that the Baud: value is 115200, if not change it, then Click on the connection/Port dropdown menu and select the COM port your router is connected to, there should not be many so if necessary try them each in turn. Click on OK and you should see first screen shown above, if not select the next COM port and retry.

If all else fails check the USB cable connection to the router, as well as see if the Emergency Stop button is pressed (It shouldn't be) and retry.

Before proceeding any further, check some settings:

the Machine Information section set/check the following:

Rapid Speed should be set to 2000

Candela Software Pakistan Free Download

Spindle Speed Min should be set to 0

Spindle Speed Max should be set to 10000

Laser Power Min Should be set at 0

Laser Power Max Should be set at 10000

And hit OK. Your software is now configured and ready for use.

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Candela Software Pakistan Free Download Pc

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Candela Software Pakistan Free Download Windows 7

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Candela Software Pakistan Free Download Window 10


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