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How to download and install Bloody Roar on Android phone.Link download ePSXe2.0.6.apk: download Bloody roar: http://www.freeroms.c. Bloody Roar: Primal Fury updates the series yet again, and shows off the power of the Gamecube. As one of my favorite staples for fighting games, you'll get sixteen different characters to choose from, including new hidden characters previously unseen in the series. Contrary to its name, Bloody Roar Extreme is anemic, mewling, and mild. As in the series’ previous games, fighters begin as humans and transform into feral beasts midbout to tear each other apart with claws and fangs. That notion could make a fine fighter, but BRX is eviscerated by stylistic and technical failings. Bloody Roar 2 Game Download for PC Bloody Roar game download for PC PS4 also for Play Station 3 available for Android apk file iso soon. As, for pc game is an arcade PC game released for Microsoft Windows 10 windows 7 win 8. Bloody Roar 2 Game Download for PC This is one of the best installments. This is the second article in the series.

Bloody Roar Extreme Download For Android Pc

Last years sleeper-hit fighting game, Bloody Roar, was released by Hudson in Japan, and Sony subsequently snapped it up for a U.S. debut. This year, Sony will repeat that magic by releasing Bloody Roar II, a far superior and much improved game.


On the one hand, Bloody Roar II continues the one-on-one fighting style of the original, featuring human players that morph into ass-kicking animals during a match. You still have your choice of some of the best fighters of Roar along with the addition of a bat, leopard, chameleon, insect, and half-beast. The boar, fox, and gorilla from the first game are gone.

On the other hand, Bloody Roar II improves on the original, using much smoother and more realistic graphics. Special moves look snappier, the combos are slicker, and the backgrounds are eye-catching without being distracting. The game also moves at a speedier clip, so combos and morph moves occur in the blink of an eye.

The Rave move of the first game, which sped up your fighters moves and made it harder for an opponent to get a punch in, has been removed. Bloody Roar II now has a Super combo that drains all of your Beast meter (which fills up according to your attack/damage ratio), but it's relatively easy to defend against The game is now more about quick-hit combos and counter attacks, and less about who can take more hits (as it was before in the original Bloody Roar).

Animal Bone Crackers

All the bone-cracking sound of the original is present here. Indeed, the sequel roars with sound, from the growl of the tiger to the howl of the wolf. If you don't like cutesy Japanese voices, however, steer clear of Jenny the Bat.

Controlling the characters is simple and effective. Using the button-tap style of Tekken 3, you'll find yourself learning the quick-combo system easily. Throws, counters, and air juggles round out the game and add depth.


Fangs For The Memories

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If you liked the original, you'll love the sequel. Also, if you're a fan of the Tekken series and can't wait for Tekken 4, go out and purchase Bloody Roar II right now. This zoo crew of fighters create one of the best fighting games available this season--a welcome addition to any fighters library.

  • PROTIP: To get to the hidden character of Gado, play through the game with any character. To access Shen Long, play through the game and beat the final boss in under 6 minutes 30 seconds.


The visuals are an improvement on the original--in fact, you'll find the blitzkrieg action almost too much for the eyes. Nice moves and cool backgrounds also lend a hand.


Although you'll wince when you hear Jenny the Bat yell, all the jungle sounds are crystal clear. During matches, die music is somehow a full-metal racket and subde at the same dme.


Bloody Roar Extreme Download For Android Windows 7

You'll probably practice against a weaker friend a lot to get the controls down because, regrettably, the game has no practice mode. But after that, you'll be roaring with pride.

Fun Factor

Bloody Roar Extreme Download For Android Windows 10

Better than a lot of wannabes, this game is a great fighter to sharpen your fangs on--especially for newbies who can't grasp the complex combo systems of other games. Bloody Roar II is one of the best fighting games available.

Bloody Roar Extreme Download For Android Download

Overall rating: 9
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