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  1. Best Youtube Video Downloader For Android 2013 Windows 10

The application from which we copy data easily over the internet is a youtube video downloader for android application. What video actually means?…video has derived from the Latin word “videre” means to see, the video basically recorded, or in live broadcast form of motion images which are seen by people through television and cellphones, etc., the other words for video are,

  • Film
  • Reel
  • Recording
  • Tape

Invention of motion film: The first film named HORSE IN MOTION invented in 1879 by assembling different pictures, but the actual motion film was made in 1888 by Louis le prince named as ROUNDHARY GARDEN SCENE, which is about 2.11 secoundslenghty.Here are some top five youtube video downloader for android application

Are you looking for the best youtube downloaders for Android so that you can download your choice of videos? Everyone wants to download youtube videos, but unfortunately, youtube removed the downloading policy a few months ago. YouTube is a popular video-sharing platform that helps users to watch, like, comment and upload any videos. You can access the video from desktop PCs, tablets, mobile phones, and laptops. This Itechguide is a pick of the 5 best youtube downloader for android. Our pick gives brief details of the best youtube downloader and its unique features.



  • 4k video downloader developed by an open media LLC company, which is in Russia.
  • 4k video has a resolution of 3840.2160 in which video result is four times as many standard HDTV.
  • 4k video downloader is a platform from which we can download videos and watch it without the internet. It is for long plan trips.
  • This youtube video downloader for android software is free of cost.
  • 4k video youtube video downloader for android is simple to use. You have to paste the link and press download simply.
  • Easy to use on laptops and cellphones.
  • This software allows you to download music videos along with subtitles.
  • Sometimes, when you like video on youtube or any other site, this application allows you to download all video types.
  • This version has very good processing speed, which accelerates the download speed.


  • Resolution: 4K video download in HD,1080HD, 720p and4k caliber, It can download 360 degree angled videos.
  • Subtitles: Video can also download among subtitles.
  • Supports: It supports all types of formats, such as MkV Mp4 3GpMp3.
  • Multiple files: This application provide the feature to download multiple files symuntaniously.
  • Conversion: conversion property is one of the best qualities that helps convert video into audio(mp3).
  • Upgrading property: it can upgrade automatically when the network is available.
  • Free of SPYWARE: it is free of spook and malware.
  • HIGH SPEED: youtube video downloader for android Helps to download videos with high speed.


  • Mobius space developed snaptube.
  • snaptube is an youtube video downloader for android application which allows the user to download videos and music from different media platform includes; Facebook Instagram ticktock and other different applications.
  • It developed in November 2014
  • This application has some privacy issues, which later known in 2019.
  • Snaptube defies the google policy.
  • Snaptube gets eradicated from the play store due to some issues.
  • Youtube video downloader for android is not harmful at all.
  • As many people are still using snaptube so if someone wants to download, they can.
  • It’s easy and reliable to use.
  • Now its starting new features in India.
  • More than billions of active users are using this application.


  • Android: youtube video downloader for android is best for smartphones devices, helps to download videos from youtube, daily motion, and up to so on.
  • WORKING: Snaptube can also work in slow internet connection or mobile data by activation of increment of downloading speed.
  • Night mode: it gives night mode to protect eyes from damage.
  • ACCESS: On snaptube we also get access to the videos; this is in restriction mode.
  • EASY: It is easy to download any files in short steps.


  • tubemate invented in August 2012
  • tubemate inventor is Nigel Guyot
  • Its software developed by Devian studio
  • about 236.4 M people downloaded this application.
  • This youtube video downloader for android application is free of cost
  • There are many tubemate versions; one of its version three is best, allowing downloading videos from youtube to any android device.
  • Tubemate also gives the option to copy and video and store it in the phone’s own internal memory, which is more convenient to watch for viewers.
  • It doesn’t allow to download any unwanted and application that may harm the user device.
  • This application got so many reviews, especially from India.


  • Online videos: TUBEMATE can download online videos from the online platform.
  • Interruption management: It featured with the easy downloading process of pause and resume.
  • Conversion: Tubemate can also help in the conversion of all the video files in mp3 on your’s will.
  • Multiple resolutions: It gives different options of resolutions, which you want it can provide you.
  • Video sharing: Along with downloading this youtube video downloader for android also gives you sharing of any video.
  • Trouble-free: when the network is unstable, there is no problem in reconnecting it gets easily reconnect.
  • SIMULTANEOUSLY DOWNLOADING: Tubemate downloads and gives different files at once.


  • RAHUL an android developer develop videoder
  • videoder invented in 2013
  • videoder is not available on the playstore.
  • This application size is of 10.16Mb.
  • About 794.7 M people downloaded this youtube video downloader for android application.
  • It is a video and audio downloader.
  • Vedioder is eradicated from the play store because it allows downloading youtube videos, which is a copyright claim, so it’s against their policy.


  • Simple and fast: videoder a youtube video downloader for android is simple to use and fast working application.
  • Downloading ACCESS: only two steps are for downloading copy URL link in the search bar press the download button.
  • For PC users: Along with android users, this software is also available for pc users.
  • Website videos: you can download any video from any website, even from youtube, Dailymotion, and twitter, etc.
  • Editing: The editing feature Is one of the good features in it, in which you edit your video in your own way and use it for any purpose.
  • Build-in split-screen: videoder also gives a split-screen advantage; you can search for other things which listening and seeing the video.


  • OGYoutube created in March 2013.
  • Its version name is 3.5, which has now updated in 2018.
  • This youtube video downloader for android application is free of cost.
  • This platform is for android users of 4.1.
  • OGYoutube is a modified form of youtube with different features.
  • It is an unofficial application.
  • OGYoutube removed from a website known as ODMods.
  • MicroG is a platform from where you can easily run this application.
  • 25.3M people downloaded this application.
  • In short words, you can also called it Add free youtube.
  • Due to some supporting issues, it unsafe to use.
  • The size of this application is 43.1 MB.


  • MULTITUDINOUS: OGYoutube allows the user to download the different and various video once.
  • SUBTITLES: It gives subtitles along with the video, which is convenient to use and to understand.
  • Audio supporting: This application provides the option for converting the video into audio form and download it in mp3.
  • Downloading process: Easy to download just with one click on your favorite video.
  • TITLING: This software gives the option to give your own identity or name, which you can say renaming and get saved in your own given name.
  • High resolution: It gives you the high-resolution property.
  • COMBINE BROWSING: This application gives you build in browsing, which means you can watch the video in background playback. You don’t need to end up any video while browsing another.


A video is an effective form of communication doesn’t depend on that present in recorded form or in the live form it actually shows your emotions, feelings, love, affection, and interests and make your memory more strong now video getting more and more importance with the time, videos are making your access and lives easier, you can get everything on your door stop. And learn what you want.

Videos used in schools, universities, for the meeting, office work learning, hospitals, and to connect with others, cinemas, it’s a basic need of life if you want to convert things more properly you can better convey it with the help of video recording. In earlies, it’s too difficult to watch a video and get them, and the massive amount paid to get videos.

  • SHARING: Now, with the advancement of time world is getting vast, and new inventions and software are developing for making life easier. You can easily download any video with your desire and share it with others. You can get any video on trending, share teachers’ lectures easily on Whatsapp, and download any video from youtube or any other application with the helpof youtube video downloader for android application.
  • LEARNING AND Mind BOOSTING: now you don’t need to go far from your home for studies and for watching movies, you don’t need to go to cinemas just download youtube video downloader for android.
  • Qualitative: You can get the best video quality on different applications with subtitles in different languages, which makes things easier to understand.
  • EASIER: Just one click. You can get any video that you want; this software is easier to use its just a piece of the pie.
  • RESTRICTORY DATA: You can also get access to those videos which are not allowed in your country.
  • SPACE SAVING: THIS type of application is space-saving and doesn’t mess up your phone. There are many youtube video downloader for android applications internet, but the top-rated application has discussed above.


This topic is about top five youtube video downloader for android. Allows you to get easy access to download any video, either trending videos, informative videos, films, and many others with different and unique features. They are easy to use here, providing some links to these applications.



ANS: These youtube video downloader for android applications. Are safer to use no scam in them, and they are free of cost.


ANS: YES, you can download and share what you want.


ANS: NO, you can download and convert video to audio and download it in mp3 by youtube video downloader for android.

Best Youtube Video Downloader For Android 2013 Windows 10

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